Five people were arrested in Anaheim after a chase that was linked to a report of attempted robbery

Five people were taken into custody by police on Sunday after a high-speed pursuit that culminated in a parking lot in Anaheim.

The cops attempted to pull over a vehicle they thought would be used in an armed robbery. The driver of the vehicle, however, disregarded the police’s orders and instead made his way through a number of Orange County locations, including residential neighborhoods and parking lots for strip malls.

Someone on the street kicked the passenger-side door as the car drove by.

At last, the vehicle stopped in a parking area close to Euclid Street and Ball Road in Anaheim. After a while, all five of the people in the car got out and started walking in the direction of the officers.

It was unclear what the possible heist involved.

The names of the people who were taken into custody and the precise charges that could be brought against them have not been made public by the police.

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