Fishermen Save Driver Trapped in Wrecked Truck Under Indiana Bridge for Days

Fishermen Save Driver Trapped in Wrecked Truck Under Indiana Bridge for Days

A pair of Indiana fishermen saved a life Tuesday when they discovered a car disaster with the driver still locked inside and clinging to life after crashing nearly a week ago.

The fact that the unidentified man was still alive after his automobile diverted off the roadway and crashed beneath a bridge on Interstate 94 last Wednesday was dubbed a “miracle” by Indiana state authorities.

According to accounts, first responders rushed to the man’s aid around 3:45 p.m. Tuesday after heroes Nivardo Delatorre and his father-in-law Mario Garcia saw the vehicle along a creek while looking for suitable fishing locations.

The gleam of the automobile attracted their attention as they passed through the wooded region.

One of the men peered into the car and spotted the man’s body, thinking he was dead.

“I went to touch it, and he turned around,” Garcia explained at a press conference broadcast live on ABC 7 Chicago. “And it almost killed me there because it was kind of shocking.”

“He was alive and he was very happy to see us like he was really — I’ve never seen a relief like that,” he went on to say. “He claims he tried yelling and screaming but no one could hear him.” It was just calm, with only the sound of the ocean.”

According to authorities, the man was stuck inside his seat and couldn’t reach his cell phone after the incident.

The two concerned citizens dialed 911 and remained by his side until first responders came.

According to authorities, emergency responders used heavy machinery to extract the victim, who was in his 20s, from the debris and evacuated him to South Bend Memorial Hospital in critical condition with potentially life-threatening injuries.

According to the local station, their rescue efforts took many hours due to the tough terrain and the way the driver was trapped inside the crushed vehicle.“Quite frankly, his survival is a miracle.” “In this weather, we’ve been fortunate enough here this Christmas season to have temperatures that are, as you all know, above normal,” Indiana State Police Sgt. Glen Fifield said at a press conference.

“So that was working in this individual’s favor,” he went on to say. “Last year we had freezing cold.”

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