Firefighters say diner in Adirondack town explodes one week after new owners purchase business

A horrific explosion on Friday night entirely destroyed a well-known eatery on Route 12 in the Adirondacks. It was just a week after the establishment had been transferred to new owners when this regrettable tragedy happened. To handle the incident, firefighters were dispatched to the location.

Before it changed ownership, the eatery—formerly known as Cindy’s Diner—had been open for business for more than 40 years.

According to their official Facebook page, the Barneveld Fire Department received a report of a structure fire and suspected explosion near 9250 State Route 12.

When firefighters arrived, they found a large area of rubble scattered over the highway and strong flames coming from the structure. As fire fighters valiantly battled the blaze, officials swiftly blocked State Route 12 in both directions to guarantee everyone’s safety.

Firefighters utilized tanker trucks to transport water from a hydrant situated at Shufelt’s Garage, around four kilometers distant from the restaurant.

In less than half an hour, firefighters were able to contain the fire. To make sure there were no hotspots left, they remained at the scene until almost five in the morning. Route 12 was reopened early on Saturday morning as a result.

Trenton District Chief of the Barneveld Fire Department, Kevin Kalk, revealed that the cafe has been a fixture in the neighborhood since the 1970s, through a number of ownership and name changes. It has gone by several names throughout the years, including Tam’s Diner, Cindy’s Diner, and Niemeyer’s Diner.

According to Kalk, a local family bought the company last week with plans to launch a bakery and café. According to the Daily Sentinel, the establishment had been temporarily closed for the last month while the new owners intended to restore the facility.

The state Office of Fire Prevention and Control is currently looking into what caused the explosion. According to firefighters, there is no suspicion of foul play in this occurrence.

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