Fact Check: Is it true that there will be stimulus checks in 2024?

It has been three years since the government, in reaction to the COVID-19 outbreak, sent stimulus cheques totaling almost one billion dollars into the economy.

There has been constant talk about the prospect of additional stimulus each year. This is primarily because there are still people who are having financial troubles even after 476 million payments totaling $814 billion have been distributed.

It should come as no surprise that the subject is trending on the internet once more as we approach 2024. It’s interesting to note that this year’s response appears to be the same as previous year’s.

You shouldn’t count on getting paid with a check.

Newsweek was informed by Zack Hellman of Tax Prep Tech, an accounting business, that the current congressional agendas do not include more stimulus payments because they are now centered on economic recovery.

When the first wave of stimulus payments were given out in 2020, the majority of Americans had more than $3,000 in their bank accounts. Even though it might not seem like much on its own, the money was definitely helpful in covering necessities like keeping the lights on and filling the refrigerator.

In 2024, obtaining a stimulus check will be extremely difficult. Congress must come together and enact the required laws, after which President Joe Biden must sign them.

Hellman noted that when the economy progressively improves, growth appears to be prioritized over immediate cash assistance through stimulus payments.

Some Pennsylvanians have reportedly discovered a way to earn additional money this year, according to Newsweek.

The website states that Pennsylvania’s property tax and rent rebate program has been enlarged by Governor Josh Shapiro, making it possible for some citizens to receive an extra $1,000. About 175,000 seniors who qualify for the refund benefit from this program.

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There’s a lot of talk about stimulus checks in 2024 on the internet, but will direct payments actually happen?

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