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ex serviceman kills couple, 30 years of enmity, court takes revenge as soon as verdict is given; Kerala ex serviceman takes life of elderly couple after hitting on their head with hammer and later setting them on fire ATN News

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Thiruvananthapuram: An old soldier brutally murdered an elderly couple in Kerala’s Thiruvananthapuram. The accused hit the couple on the head with a hammer and injured them. After that, both of them were burnt with petrol. The former soldier did this to avenge the incident that happened hours ago. The deceased have been identified as Prabhakar Kurup and Vimala Kumari.

Accused Sasidharan Nair attacked the couple with a hammer. After that, he poured petrol on them and set them on fire. Two of them suffered 60 percent burns. The police reached as soon as they got information about the incident. They admitted both of them to a hospital in Thiruvananthapuram. But both died during treatment.

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According to police, Sasidharan Nair’s son committed suicide in Bahrain 30 years ago. Nair’s son Prabhakar Kurup got a job in Bahrain. While sending from India to Bahrain, Prabhakar promised Nair’s son a good job. But actually the boy was given a different job. So Nair’s son was under stress. He committed suicide in Bahrain. This incident happened 30 years ago.

Nair filed a complaint in the police station in this case. Since then the court hearing has started. On Friday, the court released Prabhakar. This angered Nair. He reached Prabhakar’s house on Saturday. Threatened them. Both had an argument. The case went to beating.
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Vimala tried to mediate. At that time, Nair attacked both of them with a hammer. The couple was injured in the attack. After this, Nair poured petrol on both of them and set them on fire. Neighbors gathered on hearing the couple’s cries. He informed the police about the incident. The police admitted both of them to the hospital. A case has been registered in this case and the investigation is on.


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