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EC shocked AP CM JaganATN News

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It is learned that the name of NTR Health University was changed to Visar Health University in the AP Assembly held on Wednesday. Not only all TDP leaders and party workers, but Nandamuri’s family members and other party leaders expressed their anger over Jagan’s decision. Meanwhile, the Central Election Commission gave a big shock to Jagan.

The CEC declared the election of the Vice-RCP Party Permanent President null and void. It is said that there should be no permanent posts in any party as it is against democracy. The CEC said that such an election is a violation of the rules. The Central Election Commission issued an order to the Vice RCP General Secretary. It is learned that party members elected Jagan as the permanent president of the Vice-RCP as part of the recently held Vice-RCP plenary.

Nara Lokesh reacted to the shock given to Jagan by the Central Election Commission through Twitter. Lokesh said in a tweet that NTR has changed the name of Arogya University.. He is no longer the leader of his party. Moreover, Lokesh sarcastically said that both happened on the same day and this is God’s script and what is Jagan’s future. Lokesh also attached a copy of the letter written by the Central Election Commission to Vice RCP in the tweet.

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