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Drag Race UK 4 Four queens on celebrity guest judgesATN News

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Joanna Lumley and Allison Hammond were among the guest judges for RuPaul’s Drag Race UK season four (BBC/Getty).

the Drag Race UK The Queen in Season 4 is just as impressed with this year’s guest judge list as we are.

This new season, which premieres on Thursday (September 22), features a host of celebrity guests including this morningAllison Hammond’s sex educationof Hannah Waddingham, Dame Joanna Lumley and of course Drag RaceMel B.’s fourth Spice Girl

Like fans, the queens couldn’t control their excitement. Guest star this year Be and reveal who they gel with the most.

Pixie Polite tells PinkNews and other stores: β€œMel B is quite exciting. I was very obsessed with Spice Girls when I was a little kid, I mean Hannah Waddingham, the same nun from game of thrones, beautiful symbol. And you have Alison Hammond from elder brother Great reputation too. It’s the whole camp.”

Danny Beard had nothing but love for Allison Hammond, adding: β€œYou can have the biggest stars in the world on the show. But when you get someone who loves acting and giving that love And you can tell they enjoy being there. It will make the episode extra special.”

lots of Drag Race UK The Queen in season four said their hearts were stolen by Joanna Lumley. β€œThere were judges on that show, for me especially Joanna Lumley, which was just a good time for me. I have admired her work for a long time,” said Copper Topp.

Cast of Drag Race UK Season 4 (BBC)

Contestant Le Fil added: β€œJoanna Lumley, I love you. She is a camp icon and has beautiful eyebrows when she looks and smiles.

“But for me, as a huge Spice Girls fan, I’m excited to see Mel B on the TV screen. I think she’s amazing and as a weird northerner growing up and having Mel B 20 minutes from Leeds, I was like, ‘Yes!’”

If the opinions of the queens are anything to do with It will be a season to remember.

Drag Race UK The fourth season starts on September 22 at 9pm on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer.

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