Dozens of prison officials call for clemency for man facing death sentence who is described as ‘model inmate’

Missouri’s KANSAS CITY. A former warden dubbed the guy a “model inmate,” dozens of Missouri Department of Corrections employees are pleading with Governor Mike Parson to extend clemency to a man who is set to die in April for the murders of his cousin and her husband.

A letter written to the Republican governor states that sixty prison officers and other staff members have endorsed Brian Dorsey. The letter, which was published by the Kansas City Star, emphasizes how well-behaved and kind Dorsey has been to staff members as well as other prisoners. It further states that he is presently incarcerated at the Potosi Correctional Center, which is reserved for offenders with a clean record. He is living in an honor dorm there.

In a letter, the group urged Governor Parson to reduce Brian Dorsey’s sentence to life in prison without the possibility of parole, stating that we, as law enforcement professionals, truly believe in maintaining law and order. We all agree that the death sentence is not the appropriate punishment for Brian Dorsey, even if we generally support its use.

Brian Dorsey.Missouri Dept. of Corrections

In the 2006 murders of his cousin Sarah Bonnie and her husband Ben Bonnie in the community of New Bloomfield, central Missouri, Dorsey was found guilty. After four executions in 2023, his scheduled execution on April 9 would be the first in Missouri this year.

On Monday, we contacted the representative for Parson to get a statement.

In an assessment of Dorsey’s prison file, Troy Steele, a former Potosi warden, noted that the prisoner was so good that he was permitted to work as a barber. According to Steele, Dorsey has trimmed the hair of cops, inmates, and even Steele.

Another person opposed to Dorsey’s execution is his cousin Jenni Gerhauser, who was also linked to Sarah Bonnie.

We truly are in the heart of “eye-for-an-eye” nation. However, she told the publication, “I wish people would understand it’s not that black and white.”

Attorney Megan Crane contends in a petition submitted last month that her client Dorsey was not given sufficient legal counsel prior to entering a guilty plea. Crane further argues that Dorsey was incapable of establishing the essential intent for a capital murder accusation since he was experiencing psychosis and drug influence the night of the incident.

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