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Dolphin is a hidden gem and party pub in Southampton.ATN News

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Enjoy great live music and great noodles at this hidden gem of a party pub tucked away on Southampton side streets.

Dolphin, near St Denys train station, is famous for both indoor and outdoor shows.

Tribute to Queen, Oasis and Pink Floyd as well as many local shows As well as drum and bass nights from the group SO3, it has attracted hundreds of spectators.

The pub, which is open seven days a week on Osborne South Road, has received noise complaints in the past. But Corrine’s homeowner Yendl is working hard to resolve any issues.

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She is awaiting further action from Southampton City Council on planning applications for covered areas for drinking and dining.

Not only to keep the sound for the band It also allows the venue to branch out and host weddings, wake-up calls and special events in a warm, light-filled building in the garden.

“Simply put, it could save the pub,” said the four-and-a-half-year-old Aussie homeowner.

“In the current climate We need a lot of big events in the summer to see us through the winter.

“Dolphin is always a pub with music. But it’s still not good enough to say you shouldn’t move next to a noisy pub.

“We never wanted to bother our neighbors. Our locals come in every day that keeps us going.

“We don’t have a regular band outside. and when we have We try to publish it.

“We hope the building will reduce noise and allow everything to be more private.

“After COVID we are still trying to stand up. And the cost of living crisis has made things even worse.”

Another new addition to The Dolphin is Asian Street Food featuring Sing Noodles, run by Karyn Sin, who previously opened the highly regarded Noodle 8 in Portswood with her late husband Simon.

Daily Echo:

with a five-star hygiene rating Diners can enjoy bar snacks such as crispy duck pancakes, pork dumplings and gyoza, classic dishes such as Pad Mee and Pad Thai, and curries ranging from chicken katsu to Malaysian cuisine 6 days a week.

Soon the pub will be decorated in the usual spooky cave style for Halloween. This is followed by an impressive Christmas cave in December.

The meat draws the difference. Show off a full tray to feed six to eight people. is coming back and live jazz bands, plagiarism, and open mic nights are weekly events.

The Christmas raffle, which last year featured bikes, scooters, TVs and other £2000 prizes, is about to begin soon.

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