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Disney World: The video appears to show a couple snuggling up with children inATN News

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In an effort to get their children free, couples at Disney World were recorded teasing school-age children using strollers.

The video sparked controversy and mixed opinions. Although some have labeled it a “genius”, others are unimpressed by this scam.

In the video, a Disney World employee examines the inside of a stroller. Decide that nothing is wrong and allow the family to pass. As a result, apparently the “baby” set free.

When they successfully entered Disney World The mother then carried the child out of the stroller and sat on his feet.

Then she picked up a blanket that was used to cover the child’s legs. Fold it up and walk to the park. The video currently has over 7 million views on TikTok and over 800,000 likes.

The current price for adults at Disney World is $109, while the entry fee for children is $104.

However, children under 3 can enter Disney World for free.

Some Twitter users insulted the video, saying: “This happens every day,” while others complain that the act could increase prices for others and could result in a ban on strollers in parks.

Twitter users also lamented the video, saying: “Anything for tiktok influence!”

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