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Delhi: Public wealth is being looted and corporates are looting..Farmer workers union banner against ModiATN News

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New Delhi, Andhraprabha: National General Secretary of Agricultural Workers Union B. Venkat alleged. That is why Adani is the second richest man in the world, he said. He attended the 31st Congress of the Punjab State Agricultural Labor Union and criticized the behavior of the Prime Minister. His conclusion is that the people of the country have lost wealth worth lakhs of crores accumulated in Adani. He said that under Modi, Adani is expanding its business empire globally.

Venkat said that even during the difficult times of Kovid-19, the production of food grains in the country has increased by 29 lakh metric tonnes and the stock of food grains in the government godowns is very large but the price in the market is very high. Soaring. Finally, there were accusations that Modi had allowed corporates to corner the foodgrain market.

He said that due to this, the farmer is not getting the right price and the consumers are suffering due to the price hike. In this situation, the agricultural workers, farmers and the entire working class will organize a nationwide campaign called Save India, Save Agriculture and Save Industry, he said. As part of this, it is said that lakhs of people will be mobilized to organize a Parliament March.

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