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Defense spends at least £52bn in response to Russian aggressionATN News

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The defense minister said Britain would increase the size of armed forces spending by at least 52 billion pounds in response to the Russian aggression.

In his first interview since Liz Truss entered the top 10, Ben Wallace confirmed that the new prime minister kept her campaign pledge to increase defense spending by 3 percent.

Mr Wallace told The Sunday Telegraph that the Army “Really growing” as a result of increased spending which he said happened after decades of “Preventing cutbacks or reconciliation with modern combat.”

Defense Secretary Ben Wallace (centre) said the armed forces were right. ‘Organization attacks’ by the Treasury in the last ’30 or 40 years’ (James Manning/PA)

(PA Wire)

He added that the pledge amounted to around £100bn in the annual defense budget by 2030, up £52bn from the current total, what the defense minister called “huge”.

He also praised Mr Truss for the fundraising. and also attacked former Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and the Ministry of Finance about “Organizational attacks” by armed forces since 1990

“To the point that Rishi’s Treasury Department is trying to determine the size of the army,” Wallace added.

“My department has been used to 30 or 40 years to prevent wounds or reconcile with modern combat. They have to get used to a completely different culture, where we’re actually going to grow, we’re really going to change.”

The prime minister promised during the campaign for the leader of the House of Representatives. Spend 3% of GDP on defense by 2030 (MoD/PA).

(PA Media)

The defense minister was re-appointed after supporting Ms Truss in the House of Representatives leadership race. This is the stance he takes when Mr Sunak fails to comply with his request for the 2021 Integrated Review (IR) on Defense and Security.

“The reason I support Liz Truss is that the risk we were prepared to accept in the mid-decade was no longer a risk I wanted to bear in light of Russian aggression,” Wallace told the newspaper.

“There are some risks that we can’t take anymore. And that’s why I wrote to the Prime Minister this past March to say that What we didn’t get in the IR we asked for. We wanted it.”

With Kwasi Kwarteng in charge of the government’s purse strings, Wallace seemed to imply that the relationship between the two departments would be more harmonious.

Liz Truss has been tasked with updating the Integrated Review 2021, which sees the size of the army reduced by 9,500 and a third of the rank dropped (Stefan Rousseau/PA).

(PA Wire)

“The reality is that we will work with the Treasury to ensure we have a growing budget to cover our threats and ambitions,” he said.

“Khwasi will be a great prime minister who is open… He will not close the door to number 11 and hide behind it.”

It comes after the prime minister reiterated his pledge to use 3% of GDP on defense by 2030 to other global leaders. at the United Nations General Assembly in New York

Ben Wallace has stated that he likes the new Prime Minister Kwasi Kwarteng (pictured) more than his predecessor Rishi Sunak (Dylan Martinez/PA).

(PA Wire)

Shortly before leaving for the United States Ms Truss revealed that she was tasked with updating IR which was released in March 2021. Boris Johnson revealed. It was found that the size of the army was reduced by 9,500 and a third of the army was dropped.

The update, which is expected to be released by the end of 2022, will be led by Professor John Beau, Special Counsel to the Prime Minister for Foreign Affairs and Defense.

In a statement focused primarily on her UN speech, Downing Street also revealed IR’s “fresh strategy” “will ensure that we are investing in the strategic talents and alliances we need to stand against coercion from power. Dictatorships like Russia and China” .

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