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Dalit leaders’ complaint to register SC and ST Act against YS Sharma for insulting Andol MLAATN News

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A Dalit leader demands a case against YSR Telangana Party (YSRTP) president YS Sharmila for SC and ST atrocities. Dalit groups and TRS leaders filed a police station complaint against Sharmila for insulting Kranti Kiran at Jogipet in Andhol mandal during a Prajaprasthanam padayatra in Sangareddy district. Dalit leaders demanded the police to file a case against YS Sharmila under the SC and ST Act for insulting a respectable Dalit child.

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Dalit leaders are outraged by Sharmila’s remarks.
In a public meeting held near Jogipet bus stand, YS Sharmila criticized the MLA as Kranti Kiran and not Kantri Kiran. He also accused his profession that wherever he saw occupation, wherever he saw government land, the flag was old. YS Sharmila commented that his father himself said that he was a Dalit and was taking over the ponds and assigned land. Sharmila made baseless remarks that Kranti Kiran’s father himself had said that Pandita Putra Param Sunda…my nephews are all Sundas. Sharmila also asked whether she ever fought for the rights of Dalits despite being a Dalit child. Being a journalist, he was criticized for never fighting for journalists. TRS leaders and Dalit community leaders filed a complaint at the station to register an SC and ST atrocity case against Sharmila.

A series of complaints
Minister Niranjan Reddy had earlier filed a complaint against YS Sharmila. Sharmila said that the FIR was registered based on her complaint. TRS MLAs complained to the Speaker that Sharmila had made inappropriate remarks and criticisms during the padayatra in Vanaparthi district. She held a press conference and said that despite all this, she is not afraid of such cases and complaints. Now it remains to be seen what action the police will take for the remarks made against the Dalit MLA… How YS Sharmila will defend it.

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