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Cricket’s Playing XI, which covers the history of menkding.ATN News

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If you look at the history of cricket, you will see so many players being manhandled that a playing XI would be written down on paper.

Jos Buttler has been a victim of menacing twice.

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Menkding is in the news again. The reason is the all-rounder of the Indian women’s cricket team Deepti Sharma, actually the last ODI of the series was played between India and England women’s teams at Lord’s. In this match, the way Deepti ran out the English batsman standing at the non-striker’s end, the commotion started. Now some people are standing with Deepti on this issue, while many people don’t like the way it turned out. But the truth is that whatever Deepti did was under the rules of cricket. However, this may be the first case of manhandling in women’s ODI cricket, but if you look at the history of cricket, you will find so many players who fell victim to manhandling that a playing XI could be written on paper.

3 formats, 11 players and management

Including England’s female batsman Charlie Dean, the total number of cricketers who have been victims of menacing has reached 11 so far. By the way, this number is 12 in total. But we are telling 11 because Jos Buttler has bowled his wicket like this twice. This number of players out of Mankding covers all three formats of cricket.

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Playing XI fell victim to mancoding.

  1. The first batsman to be dismissed by Mankading was Australia’s Bill Brown. In the year 1947-48, when the Indian team was on a tour of Australia, it was the first time Vinno Mankid dismissed them in this way in a Test played in Sydney. And since then the term mankding also started in cricket.
  2. The second batsman to be manhandled was Ian Redpath, who was dismissed by Charlie Griffiths in the 1968–69 Test match between Australia and the West Indies.
  3. The third instance of menacing occurred in 1974-75 when Australia’s Greg Chappell dismissed England’s Brian Luckhurst in an ODI in Melbourne.
  4. The fourth player to be manhandled was Derek Randall, who was dismissed by Evan Chatfield in the 1977–78 Christchurch Test between England and New Zealand.
  5. The fifth cricketer to be manhandled was Australia’s Alan Hurst, who was dismissed by Pakistan’s Sikandar Bakht in the 1978-79 Test at Perth.
  6. Zimbabwe’s Grant Flowers became the sixth player to be manhandled, having been dismissed by New Zealand’s Deepak Patel in an ODI in 1992-93.
  7. South Africa’s Peter Kirsten is the 7th player on the list, he was managing India’s Kapil Dev in an ODI at Port Elizabeth in 1992-93.
  8. England’s Jos Buttler has been a victim of menacing twice. Once in 2014, he was dismissed by Suchitra Senanayake in an ODI against Sri Lanka. While in IPL 2019, he R. Ashwin did Mankding, which caused quite a stir.
  9. The 9th player to be manned is Hong Kong’s Mark Chapman, who was dismissed by Oman’s Amir Kaleem in the 2016 Asia Cup qualifiers.
  10. Noor Ali Zadran Mankading of Afghanistan is the number 10 player. In the year 2020, he was dismissed by an Afghan player named Daulat Zadran in Afghanistan’s T20 League Shapiza Cricket League. This match was played between Kabul Eagles vs Miss Aynak Knights.
  11. Now the name of India’s female cricketer Deepti Sharma has been included in this episode of Mankding. Deepti has dismissed England’s Charlie Dean in this way.


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