Creators of For All Mankind Hint at Dani’s Future in Season 5 and Beyond

Spoilers for the fourth season finale of For All Mankind ahead!

With its riveting plot and unexpected turns, the fourth season finale of For All Mankind has left viewers in complete amazement.

Ben Nedivi, the show’s creator, revealed some details about Dani’s future in season 5 of the acclaimed science fiction drama series in a recent interview. Dani was shot accidentally during a daring raid on a North Korean capsule in the suspenseful season 4 finale, leaving her in a dangerous scenario. She miraculously lived through her wounds and recovered on Earth, where she also had the happy occasion to meet her new grandchild.

Co-creator Matt Wolpert and Nedivi talked about Dani’s possible future in For All Mankind season 5 and beyond in a recent interview with TVLine. Nedivi acknowledged that after their story arcs are over, characters frequently depart from the show, but she left open the possibility that Dani or Ed will return in later seasons. Nedivi had the following to say:

[Laughs] Yeah, I think it s pretty safe to say at that point. And it s interesting, in our conversations with Krys [Marshall], we definitely told her like, This is the end. Most likely, you won t make it out of this season. I ll never forget her reaction to reading the script. She s like, Wait, I m alive?!

[Laughs] She was almost disappointed. She didn t have the tragic, heroic death I think she was expecting. But as she saw the episode, more and more to her and to us, it really made sense for that to be the ending. We don t want it to be that the only way you leave the show is by dying or being killed. Like we did with Ellen earlier this season, we felt like it s more realistic that some people leave the show, yes, because they died, but others leave maybe because their story arc is done, or their time in this job no longer makes sense, or they move on to other adventures. We re always also thinking about [how] for this show to work, you have to evolve the cast. You have to say goodbye to some of the characters and actors we love the most, and introduce new characters as we go, and that s something that we ve done with intention since Season 2.

At this point, we don t want to say anything, honestly. Until a Season 5 [is ordered], until we re able to sit in a room and really discuss what we want to do with a Season 5, we don t like to commit to anything at this stage. So I would leave that open. In general, the rule has been, for Matt and I at least, if we feel there s no more story to tell with [a] character, and by story, I mean good, meaty story, then that s usually the sign that it s time to move on.

Will Dani Return In For All Mankind Season 5?

The For All Mankind season four finale jumps ahead to 2012 and reveals that Dev is still stationed on Mars. This implies that a larger colony on the red planet might be explored in the next fifth season. Given that the expansion would require a large number of specialists, it is possible that Dani will return to assist with this project. This would give her a new storyline and let the audience follow her journey once she recovered from the shooting.

Nedivi’s statement implies that Dani’s return to Earth marks the end of her narrative. This suggests that characters will only make a reappearance on the show if doing so advances their storyline as a whole. It could be less satisfying for Dani’s character to return to Mars in light of her arduous voyage and her touching reunion with a newfound family member on Earth.

This may present Dani with a chance to return, even though there are still unresolved issues from For All Mankind, such as who was in charge of Kuznetsov Station on Mars in 2012. She doesn’t necessarily have to go back to the Red Planet, but it might be a chance to emphasize how much she has done here on Earth to further space travel by humans. She may still have something to contribute to the compelling story that is currently unfolding, despite what happened to her in season 4.

For All Mankind’s fifth season has not yet been confirmed. On Apple TV+, nevertheless, every episode from season 4 is currently available for viewing.

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