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CM KCR: As if KCR’s national party no longer exists.. Changed moment..!ATN News

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Telangana Chief Minister KCR is expected to turn the wheel in national politics. They have been on that strategy for a long time. He has already met many leaders. They are trying to unite all the anti-BJP forces. A new national party is also going to be formed soon. So when will the new party be announced? There is no clarity on that. If everything goes well, there was a campaign that KCR will announce the National Party on the day of Dussehra festival. But looking at the current situation, there is an opinion that it will be difficult for Dussehra to form a new party. KCR’s national party announcement seems to have changed. Apart from Dussehra, it is reported that it is likely to be announced two months later in December.
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Chief Minister KCR is working hard on the national party’s flag, agenda and procedures. They are constantly in touch with specially appointed experts for that purpose. After finalizing the party’s name, flag and procedures, KCR wanted to hold talks with the Election Commission and announce the party on Dussehra. But it is indicated that the final stage has not been reached. In this situation, it is known from reliable sources that it is possible to announce the party in December after making all the preparations for the national party. It is reported that the national party registration process has not started yet. The Election Commission should also submit a copy of the resolution to merge TRS into the National Party. He is known to have focused on this issue as well.

TRS leaders say that after the announcement of a new political party, KCR’s clamor will increase in the country’s politics. He feels that the country’s politics should go with the farmers’ agenda. They aim to conduct nationwide campaigns on Ritu Bandhu, Ritu Bima, 24-hour electricity for agriculture and procurement of grains. Along with them, the issue of Dalits and Adivasis is also expected to be taken up in the form of a movement. Dalit Bandhu and soon to be introduced Gotra Bandhu schemes are also planned to be highlighted. After announcing the new party, Chief Minister KCR is reportedly planning to organize a massive public meeting with the Dalits of UP. After that, it is expected that there will be another meeting with the farmers in Maharashtra. But TRS sources, who thought that the national party would come to Dussehra this time, are a little disappointed that the announcement has been shifted to December.

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