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Cleaning the streets of Glasgow is the most expensive in Scotland.ATN News

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clean Glasgow the road gets paid council more than other local authorities

and the urban waste collection bill is the highest in Scotland.

One city councilor exclaimed that the cost was lower than the Richter scale.”

The bill for street cleaning per 1,000 people is the most expensive in the country running at £25.94 per resident according to 2020 to 2021 data.

decreased from the previous year by £32.45 per person

Council meetings heard a large number of football matches and performances in the city led to higher costs.

The report said supervisors were reviewing costs and comparing city services to other local authorities. said there was ongoing investment including the introduction of bin sensors to provide information on filling rates and bin replacements, which affect costs.

Some shocking figures also show that Glasgow costs the highest per visit to a sporting venue in Scotland at £223.61, compared to the Scottish average of £40.37.

A council committee has been told that the lockdown has led to a major financial hit. The cost per visit to the library is £22.65, compared to the Scottish national average of £2.88. Admission to the Glasgow Museums and Galleries is £126.68, compared to the national average of £10.19.

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Green Council member Martha Wardrop said concerns about the cost of culture and sport: “Glasgow costs vary worryingly compared to the rest of the country.”

A representative for Glasgow Live said the biggest impact was that people were unable to visit places. because of the lockdown

All statistics were presented as part of the report on the local government benchmarking framework. which presents how the various councils work

SNP Councilor Chris Cunningham pointed to statistics showing Glasgow has the highest cost of waste collection per place in Scotland.

He said in Glasgow that “We move forward” by going to the back court to collect garbage.

He questioned cost differences across the country and asked if anyone could do an analysis to explain why some areas pay more than others.

Speaking at the Performance and Delivery Review Committee yesterday. One official said he hoped the previous workshop, which was run before the pandemic, It will start again to allow discussion of the information.

Another official said officials would be keen to discuss the causes of the variance in the various councils.

She said: “We are not comparing with other local authorities at the moment but we welcome the formation of those groups.”

Labor Councilor Jim Kavanagh said: “Our figures are above the Richter scale in terms of cost. i don’t understand it We don’t play after all. The Housing Association is pulling things out onto the street.”

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Politicians called for a detailed report on how the numbers were calculated.

He added: “Cleaning the streets is an important issue that needs to be addressed. always important Sometimes it gets pushed to the side.”

Council officials said the council could show how the cost was calculated. But there will be problems getting details for other local authorities.

The consultant decides that comments from the meeting will be brought back to the improvement service.

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