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Citizen of Leicester talks to Geo News ATN News

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The ongoing tension in the British city of Leicester has put the people of the area in fear.

Ismail Bukhari, who has been living in Leicester for 45 years, while talking to Geo News, said that the horrific scenes in the peaceful city have shaken us, he has never seen such situations in Leicester.

Ismail Bukhari said that all communities used to live like family, it is necessary to deal strictly with the elements that create divisions in the communities.

During the conversation, Ismail Bukhari said that it is hoped that the police will identify the attackers and bring them to justice, and the Indian community should play a leading role in restoring the atmosphere of peace in Leicester.

It should be remembered that after the India-Pakistan match in the Asia Cup, there was a dispute between Pakistani British and Indian-British youth, in view of which more than 30 people have been arrested so far.


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