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Christian Bale’s star-studded film Amsterdam combines facts, fiction and teamworkATN News

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Director David O. Russell casts his star cast in the making of his new crime drama Amsterdam. The five-time Oscar nominee reunited with her The Fighter and American Hustle co-star Christian Bale to make the film, and the two tease each other at restaurants they’ve been dining at for years.

“He didn’t have a script. He only had a couple of ideas. We started trading the music we were listening to, the bits of history we were learning. David will write all this down. And then, over the years, over the years, came up with this story,” Bale told Reuters at the film’s European premiere in London on Wednesday.

Similarly, Bale’s co-star Margot Robbie was also roped in to bring her character to life.

“I was talking to David about Valerie before filming. It’s like a creative process that’s constantly evolving,” Roby said.

Amsterdam is set between 1918 and the early 1930s and centers around three friends, Burt Berendsen (Bale), Harold Woodman (John David Washington) and Valerie (Robbie). to each other.

Returning to New York from World War 1, scarred inside and out, Burt takes up experimental medicine and Harold becomes a lawyer, advocating for the vulnerable. When the daughter of their wartime battalion chief turns to them for help following his sudden, suspicious death, the trio become embroiled in a dangerous political conspiracy.

Elements of the film include actual historical events and US President Franklin D. Inspired by the masses, including the attempted fascist coup against Roosevelt.

“We wanted to see a friendship that we love, we wanted to see a triangle of people who would do absolutely anything for each other, no matter what,” Bale said.

“They’re kind of late in the Great War, and they’ve declared that they’ll do anything to each other, and they stick with it no matter what, even when they get pulled into this big murder rap. And then in this huge global conspiracy, it’s crazy but really grounded in truth,” Bale said.

Along with its top-billing trio, the film boasts an all-star cast including Taylor Swift, Robert De Niro, Chris Rock, Anya Taylor-Joy, Rami Malek and Mike Myers.

Amsterdam begins its global theatrical release on October 6.


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