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Cambridge Shows Small Model Homes to Solve Growing Population ProblemsATN News

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A small prototype house is being built at Cambridge City Hall until the end of November. in collaboration with the University of Waterloo’s School of Architecture. So residents can imagine how the city will cope with the predicted population increase.

Hardy Bromberg, deputy city manager for community development, said: “I think it’s not just Cambridge. But also with all other cities and towns, we are facing significant growth over the next 30 years.”

“When you think of the Waterloo region approaching millions in terms of population, That’s a lot of people looking for work. Lots of people to look for homes.”

Hardy Bromberg is Deputy Community Development Manager with the City of Cambridge. (James Charani/CBC)

Bromberg explained that Cambridge expects to take in 65,000 to 70,000 additional residents by 2050, but he said the small 12 by 18 square foot prototype home is not meant to solve the city’s homelessness problem.

“In terms of using a small house for homeless That is not the goal of the city’s involvement in this matter,” Bromberg said.

“Of course, Cambridge City Council has taken several initiatives to try and tackle the problem of homelessness. In terms of considering the Cambridge surplus to make it available We collect funds affordable housing fund once the project development request is approved.”

Bromberg said the idea was for a small house that might be built in the backyard as an additional residence to accommodate a family or to serve as a “home away from home.” “mortgage assistant”

The small house’s kitchen has a counter, a sink and a small refrigerator. (James Charani/CBC)

This prototype has a terrace area surrounded by plexiglass. This helps heat the house, Bromberg says, can be used as a greenhouse to grow things like herbs or fruit.

Insulated former main area and consists of a bed on a pulley that can be lowered and raised. Table and benches below side shelf and kitchen solution with counter mini refrigerator and sink

The pulley system is used to raise and lower the bed, which is placed on benches and tables. (James Charani/CBC)

The shower is directly next to the sink. But there is no toilet in the unit. Residents will look to use the bathroom in the main house if they have or need a shared bathroom somewhere on site.

“As a role model This is something you can come down and look at,” Bromberg said. “It is often difficult to determine if a small house you are only interested in is a picture on the screen or on the Internet or on paper.”

‘a good idea’

Cambridge resident Dave Groshok was passing by and was able to look inside.

“I think it’s a great idea,” he said. “It’s practical and there’s enough room for someone. It’s wonderful.”

small house with shower But there is no bathroom in the unit. (James Charani/CBC)

He said if he had space for it. he will install it

“I like it,” he added. “I think it’s a good idea.”

Bromberg cautioned that the current prototype is not code-compliant and requires a building permit. He recommends reaching out to the city if interested in building a small house.

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