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Buldhana: The number of infected with Bhagar poison has increased to 26; Including the villagers of Chikhli, Jaffrabad taluk 26 people in Chikhli and Jaffrabad taluka were poisoned after eating bhagar amy 95 ATN News

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There is shocking news that 26 people from Chikhli and Jaffrabad (Jalna district) talukas have been poisoned after eating bhagar on Ekadashi fast. The patients are being treated in four private hospitals in Chikhli and the condition of all the patients is currently stable.

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The affected include the villagers of Peth, Amkhed, Godri, Sakegaon, Bhalgaon, Sindi Harali in Chikhali taluka and Varud and Kolgaon in Jaffrabad taluka. The total number of patients admitted for treatment in various hospitals in Chikhali city is 20. Vandana Vagh (40), Kamal Vagh (55), Ambadas Vagh (45), Pandurang Bhawar (70), Suman Bhawar (65), Padmabai Bhawar (40) and Gayatri Bhawar (21) from Godri in Taide Hospital. 7 patients are under treatment. Dr. Praduman Jagtap, Narayan Jagtap and Geeta Jagtap from the same family from Sakegaon in Misal’s hospital and Sesharao Shelke and Kushivarta Shelke in Chinchole Hospital. Kolgaon, Vijay Suradkar, Anita Suradkar, Om Suradkar Res. Shindi Harali and Sheetal Solanki of Bhalgaon are undergoing treatment. Bhagubai Sawle resides in Jaiswal Hospital. Varud and Umabai Vasantrao Dhone and Vasant Dhone R. Peth are undergoing treatment.

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Supply from one shop
Although the poisoned patients belonged to different villages, the shopkeepers from whom they had purchased bhagar and its flour had bought it in lump form from a trader in Chikhli. It is reported that the goods were supplied to the trader through an agent in Nashik.


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