Budweiser’s Iconic Clydesdales Make Triumphant Return at Super Bowl LVIII

In a playful homage to history against the backdrop of current events, Budweiser will reveal a touching story of tenacity and devotion during the upcoming Super Bowl LVIII. The legendary Budweiser Clydesdales will win over millions of hearts this year when they appear in an ad that pays tribute to the brand’s illustrious history. The commercial, appropriately named Old-School Delivery, showcases gorgeous horses and their devoted Labrador retriever partner trudging through winter circumstances to bring Budweiser to a nearby pub, promising a blend of nostalgia and the timeless American spirit.

A Return to Roots Amidst Turbulence

The Clydesdales are a symbol of Budweiser’s return to its basic values and a poignant moment of reflection after the brand struggled to navigate the turbulent waters of public relations last year. Bud Light’s alliance with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney sparked an issue that caused a big response that hurt relationships and customer loyalty. Budweiser hopes to capture the spirit of its identity with this most recent Super Bowl feature, demonstrating its dedication to its history and the events that are most meaningful to its audience.

The Making of Old-School Delivery

Old-School Delivery, which is filmed against a difficult winter scene, is more than just a commercial; it’s a representation of Budweiser’s commitment to always being there for its supporters. The commercial features a real-life Budweiser wholesaler next to the Clydesdales, signifying the brand’s homage to the diligent people who produce each bottle. This story honors the hidden heroes of the distribution and delivery process in addition to showcasing Budweiser’s dedication to quality and tenacity.

Budweiser s Super Bowl Legacy and Beyond

Budweiser has established a strong brand association with Super Bowl advertising, leveraging the event to convey messages that captivate viewers. The marketing director of Budweiser USA, Kristina Punwani, highlights the importance of the Super Bowl to the company’s advertising plan and calls attention to the Clydesdales as Budweiser’s biggest stars. This year’s commercial, which highlights Budweiser’s resolution to overcome the difficulties of the previous year, is a calculated effort towards reaffirming the company’s dedication to the community.

Due to the fallout from the Mulvaney agreement, Constellation Brands’ Modelo Especial has surpassed Budweiser as the most popular beer in America, causing Budweiser’s market share to decline. But Budweiser’s Super Bowl LVIII commercial makes it quite evident that the company wants to improve and reestablish its relationship with its fans.

A Super Bowl of Significance

Budweiser’s “Old-School Delivery” will be a feature of the commercial breaks during the San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs game, along with advertisements for Anheuser-Busch’s Michelob Ultra and Bud Light. Budweiser is set to leave a lasting impression during its 2.5-minute national Super Bowl commercial, which will serve as a reminder to viewers of the company’s commitment to quality and the eternal spirit of America.

More than just a commercial moment, the Clydesdales’ return to the Super Bowl stage is a celebration of the road ahead and a nod to Budweiser’s history. Budweiser’s message of perseverance, tradition, and dedication is guaranteed to resound as spectators enjoy the spectacle of the Super Bowl, ushering in a new era in the brand’s illustrious history.

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