Bluesky Now Open to All: The Twitter Alternative is no longer invitation-only

Now available to all users, Bluesky is an open-source social networking platform that was created as a rival to Twitter. Bluesky, which attracted over three million users after over a year in beta, appears to be a good option for people who are not happy with Threads or X (formerly known as Twitter).

After Elon Musk acquired what was once a project under Jack Dorsey’s Twitter, Bluesky broke away from what is now known as X. Jay Graber, CEO of Bluesky, told Engadget, “We firmly believe in an open and decentralized social media future.” We think this is good for public conversation.

Though decentralized, Bluesky functions similarly to Threads and X. The platform offers skeets in place of tweets. In addition to a range of user-curated algorithmic feeds, it provides a chronological timeline. A particularly intriguing feed features your silent pals who you follow but don’t update very often.

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