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BJP will fully support the construction of CM Nitish’s ashram: Sanjay JaiswalATN News

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Patna: BJP state president Dr. Sanjay Jaiswal said on the Ashram episode today that Sivananda Tiwari has revealed RJD’s plan about Nitish’s future. Looking at the ‘history’ of RJD-JDU’s mutual ‘love and loyalty’, it is certain that after 2024, Nitish will have nothing else to do but smoke in the ashram.

However, whether the RJD supports the construction of Nitish’s ashram or not, the BJP will take full care of Nitish’s ashram even after coming to power with a two-thirds majority in 2025.

He said that Nitish may have bowed down to RJD-Congress in his quest to become PM, but it has also made his workers think. RJD workers who fought with sticks and abused for decades should be ashamed of their leadership today.

The grassroots workers of JDU should be ashamed to even go in front of the public today. On this, as Nitish has given hints of merging with RJD considering Tejaswi as his successor, we sympathize with his workers.

Dr Jaiswal said that even though Nitish had killed his ‘conscience’ to become PM, the ‘autonomy’ of most of his leaders was still alive. Their conscience can never accept Tejaswi as their leader. We invite all such leaders and workers of JDU to come to the big public meeting of Home Minister Amit Shah in Purnia tomorrow.

BJP is built on ideology and is a party of workers. No one can understand better than us the pain of JDU workers who have been working shoulder to shoulder for decades. In this public meeting, the honor and respect of all of them will be maintained as before.

Kumar Gautam is reporting from Patna.

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