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Chairman of Pakistan People’s Party and Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that unfortunately there are political spectacles going on in the streets and we have to respond to it, at the moment our system is not working. Unnecessary politics are being done, allies and opposition should not make this issue controversial. Speaking at the foundation stone foundation ceremony of cancer center and four new blocks of OPD on the occasion of completion of 75 successful liver transplants at Dow Hospital, Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs He said said that one from the country to get liver treatment, liver treatment is very expensive, early diagnosis is very important for the successful treatment of a disease like cancer, nowadays only bad news is found on TV, good news is less political news. He said that we are suffering from the economic consequences of the war in Russia, Ukraine, flood victims are still waiting for help, flood victims are our first priority, unfortunately political spectacles are going on in the streets. They should answer, at this time our system is not working, the priority is the people This should not happen, take part in the election instead of shooting and fighting among themselves. Bilawal Bhutto said that he is proud on the development of Dow University. Millions of people were affected, we kept the priority of the nation on political glasses. , the first priority of all of us should be to serve the people. This should be done, allies and opposition should not make this issue controversial. Unnecessary politics are done on important appointments.



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