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Bigg Boss: Line CrossedATN News

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Bigg Boss: Line Crossed

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The first day of the game of cops and robbers in the jungle of Bigg Boss went smoothly. The second day turned out to be rotten. There was a clash between the thieves and the police. There was an altercation between the thieves. There was a huge commotion with the robbers and the policemen. All in all, the house was in chaos.

Whose game is theirs!

Thieves are a bunch. The police are a gang. Whose team to play with? But it is strange.. They all forgot their duties and played whose game they forgot that they were a group. No one is better at breaking the rules than Geethu. She is playing herself. She makes the rules she likes. When I asked her to buy things she was very smart and refused. Even the police have to protect things from thieves, who steal and hide everything. There is no such thing as true unity among thieves. They steal their stuff. They spend time protecting them. Seeing all this, Bigg Boss got angry. He once again explained how to play the game.

Did you know you are super smart?

Suriya and Sreehan get caught up in Geethu’s smart tricks. She agrees to the deal. Meanwhile, Arohi and Neha plan together to prevent Revanth from taking over as captain. All his toys were taken away. This made Revanth angry. He was angry, “Is this what honesty means?” Siggu scolded the tribe saying they have no shame. After that he made a decision in anger. He challenges the police that he will beat the police even though he belongs to a gang of thieves. Sudeepa was going to correct it by saying it was wrong. It is not possible. After that Surya and Srihan also came and convinced. He decided that he wasn’t too fond of him. Police chief Adi Reddy promised to take his toys if he wanted. People like Arjun and Surya said no even when asked. With that, whether he knew it or not, the rest of his team got confused.

Crossed the line

Contestants think the game is like hunting. Disputing who is wrong and who is right rather than forgetting the rules. Sometimes they can be wild. Thieves can stop when the police raid. If the police are still in the house after the raid time, they can be kidnapped and arrested. Inspector Iniya forgot it. Raid remained in the store room even after the time had passed. The thieves caught her. They tried to force their way out. Two or three people grabbed her and a fight started. Inia, who is a fierce aggressor, could not bear this. Aarohi was kicked. Neha was beaten. Panchayat started to say more. Inia had no connection with other people’s feelings, so she continued with her opinion. Someone lifted her clothes and took them off. what else? Geethu Sudden entry ready to review. You are changing words and she adds fuel by saying everything you say is wrong. Iniya also said that it is her habit to blame others to hide her mistakes. The two argued for a while. What will be Nagarjuna’s reaction to these outrageous actions and words in the weekend episode?

But, when the game started in the jungle everyone started to show their true form. No one is going to be inferior to anyone. Sreesatya is smiling as if she has given good visuals today. Also drowning in the reputation of always being cool. Baladitya, violating rules and regulations, cleverly took possession of the hidden goods with another person. At the end of today’s game Srihan and Surya took home the most money. But Geetu, who wants to be the captain anyway, has plans beyond that. She makes many plans to keep more money and toys with her. And whose strategy will work..who will get a chance to compete for the captaincy will be seen in tomorrow’s episode.

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