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Berlin to celebrate Durga Puja with traditional touch ATN News

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Navyendu Hazra: Chandipath from Kumari Puja, darpan of mother from Sandhi Puja. No custom is left out here. Cultural programs are held every evening. Sindoor game is also played on Dashami. A few days of Puja, Germany is like a bit of Kolkata (Kolkata).

Durga Puja 2022 by the Berlin Public Durga Festival Committee in Berlin, Germany is just two years old. But the devotion with which mother is worshiped here is absent in many foreign pujas. According to the Bengali custom, the puja lasts from the sixth to the tenth day. Hundreds of Bengalis in Berlin are hiding the joy of Durga Puja in this five-day puja here. However, one of the special attractions of this year’s puja is Ravi Tagore’s dance drama Chitrangada, which will be staged on the evening of Ashtami. His preparations are going on in full swing. The custom of feeding all the visitors on the few days of the puja also differentiates this puja from other pujas in Prabash. According to puja officials, visitors are fed to their stomachs whenever they come, be it afternoon or night.

[আরও পড়ুন: কুড়মি সমাজের আন্দোলনের মাঝে কর্মবিরতিতে SBSTC’র অস্থায়ী কর্মীরা, ট্রেনের পর বন্ধ বাসও]

This puja started in 2021 to enjoy the festive season in Bengaliana and far abroad. Berlin Ignite EV, a voluntary organization in the heart of Berlin, will hold a puja at the Berlin Sri Hindu Ganesh Temple from October 1-5. In which there are 100 members of the organization. Last year Murthy left Kumortuli. So be worshipped. Inauguration of Shashti evening puja, then the cultural program will start. There are five days of various cultural programs and pure chat. Dance-Song-Recitation. Everything works. With small competition.

A few other pujas are held in Berlin. All of which are held for five days according to Bengali customs, not like that. Some pujas also take place on weekends. This is where this puja is different from others. All the five days of Puja, the list of food is poured and arranged. From khichuri to labra, chutney to pies, nothing is left out, all of which are borne by the heads of around 12 Indian restaurants present in Berlin. Entrepreneurs say that no matter how many people come, no one is left out. Everyone is seated and fed. Puja official Indranil Ghoshal said, “Our puja has started since last year. The puja is performed for five days with strict observance. Along with cultural programs. Or Kumori Puja. Priests live in other cities in Germany. He is the one who worships.”

[আরও পড়ুন: বিয়েতে রাজি ছিল না পরিবার, একই গাছে ফাঁস দিয়ে আত্মঘাতী নদিয়ার দুই স্কুল পড়ুয়া]

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