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Beautiful things aren’t perfect, but unique certainly are! | Beautiful things aren’t perfect, but unique certainly are! | marathi news ATN News

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AurangabadAn hour ago

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A few months ago I was visiting the ‘Longewala’ post on the Indo-Pak border with my family. The 140 km route was like an airport runway, completely comfortable. There was not a single bump in the journey. My family started making reels. This reminded me of 70s movies, when the camera would not move at all while filming the hero-heroine. While passing through the smooth road, the words came out of the mouth of the family, what a beautiful road! It is not said how perfect the road is.

I was reminded of this family conversation when I read this week in Maharashtra that many industrialists in Nashik complained of potholes in industrial areas and highways. They claim that the goods are not arriving on time and the end product is being damaged, while the transporters are not keen to carry the goods in the evening hours as potholes cause traffic jams in the evening. Nashik supplies electrical, electronic, engineering and pharma products across the country, while more than 100 exporters ship overseas from Mumbai. This problem is not only limited to one city but this is the condition of roads on many highways. Some of these exporters have hired professionals on a temporary basis near the ports as the roads damage the goods.

Roads may never be perfect, but they have always been a lifeline for human communication. Ask any father in a small village in the country who is thinking of getting his daughter married. Is there a good road connecting the groom’s village to the nearest taluka headquarters with health facilities on their checklist? Because the father feels that if the girl has any medical needs and the road is good, she can go to the nearest hospital quickly. For the villagers, good roads are like a god-sent man’s invention. Good roads enable them to sell crops at better prices in urban areas without middlemen. It is equally important for them to stay connected to the roads along with wires (technology and mobile phones). Apart from this, they also keep the security in mind. Recall the movie Sholay, in which Basanti’s Dhanno Ghodi was unable to save his ‘mistress’ from Gabbar Singh’s goons due to bad roads. This is a reality even today.

There is no doubt that we are building good roads everywhere. However, the collusion of corrupt contractor-agencies for road works is causing damage to the area, which cannot be turned a blind eye. In addition, weather conditions are worsening, with well-constructed roads being washed away by incessant rains.

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