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BCCI to conduct AGM and Elections on 18th October in Mumbai ATN News

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News Daily Digital Desk: The much awaited elections of the Board of India and the 91st Annual General Meeting will be held on October 18. President, Vice President, Secretary, Joint Secretary and Treasurer, these five posts of the Board will be elected on that day. Who will represent India in the International Cricket Council will also be decided on October 18. The Annual General Meeting will be held in Mumbai. This was informed by the Board of Control for Cricket in India on Thursday.

After the Supreme Court’s verdict, the tenure of BCCI president and secretary has been extended to three years for Sourav Ganguly and Jai Shah respectively. However, it is not possible to say at the moment whether Sourav will remain the board president or contest for the post of ICC chairman.

[আরও পড়ুন: বিদায়ী ম্যাচে চিরপ্রতিদ্বন্দ্বীর সঙ্গে জুটি ফেডেরারের, ম্যাজিকের অপেক্ষায় ভক্তরা]

Again, whether Jai Shah will also be seen as the future board president or not, it cannot be said for sure right now. All pictures will be clear on 18th. All speculation will be over.

If everything goes well, the board is going to hold the women’s IPL in March next year. The tournament will last for about a month. But it will be finished before the boys’ IPL. But not eight or ten, but six teams in the women’s IPL. The Annual General Meeting will also discuss the Women’s IPL. 6 teams will participate in women’s IPL.

As per rules, the board and state cricket bodies are supposed to complete the elections by September 30. But due to the delay in getting the verdict of the Supreme Court, the election of the Indian cricket administration is being held on October 18. Initially, it was right that the State Cricket Association elections will be held by October 16. After that there will be board elections. But in the changed situation the board election is happening earlier. After that, the state cricket association will be elected.

[আরও পড়ুন: চেনা ফরম্যাটেই ফিরছে আইপিএল, ঘরে ও বাইরের মাঠে খেলতে হবে দলগুলিকে]

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