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Asda TikTok users share UberEats deals where they can get free food until September 30.ATN News

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The creators of TikTok revealed that anyone who buys at Asda can get free food from the supermarket using UberEats.

With the UberEats deal running through September 30, shoppers can get 50% off their restaurants and even better. “Seems to be usable indefinitely.”

Chloe said: “In Uber Eats you can get £25 off when you spend £50 at Asda.

“That’s a huge savings. And you don’t need to enter any discount code. Just enter your zip code and the offer will appear at your local Asda.

“I checked many postal codes across the UK. And it seems to be available all over the country. It can be used until September 30.”

She added: “And it appears to be infinitely usable. So go and enjoy your half price restaurant.”

Watch the video here:

@chloesdealclub This is a deal that is too good for you to miss. #moneysavingtipsuk #moneysavinghacksuk #howtosavemoney ♬ original sound – Chloe’s Deal Club

TikTok users issue warning about UberEats deal

One user replied: “Watch out, Uber eats. The price of some things doubles the prices in the stores. This might be a savings. But not as much as you think.”

Chloe replied: “Agreed, you have to shop smart and equal the price before you buy. I stock up on detergent. The dishwasher tabs, etc., are already in place, a great savings.”

Another shopper added: “There is a price lock section in Asda, so there are some items that are not inflated.”

“I did it yesterday and saved £12.28 even with shipping. Go to the Asda app and set the price in the same basket,” added another.

The video has gained thousands of likes and shares in the past few days. As Britons look to cut costs amid the ongoing cost of living crisis

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