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Arrangement of nutrition for 350 tuberculosis patients in Nikshay Mitra initiative in Nashik ATN News

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If the TB patients do not get nutrition during the treatment, the treatment does not show positive results. Therefore, Union Minister of State for Health Dr. Peth taluka is the patronage of Peth taluka under Nikshay Mitra initiative implemented to provide nutritious food to tuberculosis patients. Bharti Pawar has accepted. She has become the first person to become a Nikshay Mitra in the district and so far 17 Nikshay Mitras have been registered. With their help, nutrition has been arranged for 350 tuberculosis patients under treatment. There are 1898 patients of tuberculosis under treatment in the district and Nikshay Mitra is being sought for the nutrition of remaining 1500 patients.

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Aim to make India TB free by 2025

The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has set a target to make India TB free by 2025 and for this the help of Nikshay Mitra will be taken. Malnourished individuals are more likely to develop tuberculosis. Patients of this disease have to take medication for at least six months. District Tuberculosis Office has arranged for this. These patients are given food allowance of 500 rupees per month i.e. 3000 rupees for six months by the government. In order to provide healthy food to such persons during the treatment period, the central government has fixed the nutritional diet in two different options for adults and children. The concept of Nikshay Mitra initiative was introduced to provide supplementary food to the concerned on a regular basis during the treatment period. Under that, social participation is being increased in taking responsibility for nutrition of tuberculosis patients. There are 88 patients under treatment in Peth taluk. Dr. is responsible for the nutrition of 10 of them. District Tuberculosis Officer Mohammad Turabali Deshmukh said that Bharti Pawar accepted. So far 17 people have registered in the Nikshayamitra initiative. He mentioned that additional nutrition for 350 patients has been arranged.

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More than one and a half thousand tuberculosis patients under treatment are yet to be provided with nutrition. For this purpose, efforts are being made to involve industrial groups, social organizations and workers in the district in this activity. Aspirants should register for Nikshay Mitra through the virtual system and support tuberculosis patients, Dr. Deshmukh has done it.

1898 patients under treatment

At present there are 1898 TB patients under treatment in the district. The prevalence of tuberculosis in rural areas is very low. Areas like Manmad, Igatpuri on the railway route have comparatively more patients. In other areas, 40 cases per 100,000 population are found.

80 new patients in the survey

A house-to-house survey is being conducted in rural areas from September 13 to detect new TB patients. Under that, so far 22 lakh 25 thousand 282 i.e. 56 percent of the population of the district has been subjected to preliminary examination. 12 thousand 184 potential patients were found in it. District Tuberculosis Office informed that 80 new patients were diagnosed after their medical examination.


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