Are Julie and Jake from The Trust still together now? Where are they now?

Our new favorite competition reality show on Netflix is called The Trust. Eleven strangers are informed that they have already won a $250,000 trust to divide amongst them in an opulent beachfront home. What’s the deal? They must pass a number of exams and cast votes to determine how to divide the trust and who would receive what portion of the money.

Even though it’s not a dating show, viewers have noted that Julie, 28, and Jake, 37, are getting closer as the show progresses. But are they still together? To find out more, read this.

The Trust

Are Julie and Jake from The Trust still together?

Throughout the course of the Netflix reality series The Trust, viewers have witnessed Julie and Jake’s romantic relationship growing closer. They cuddled and looked directly into the camera on the final episode of the show.

They posted a photo of themselves cuddling at an event on Instagram shortly after the previous show, captioning it, “That’s a wrap.”Cosmopolitan claims that although they haven’t confirmed their relationship, they have been spotted together and haven’t disclosed any information that would lead one to believe they are.

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How did they meet and fall in love?

The beginning of Jake Paul and Julia Rose’s relationship appears to have occurred when they met in the music video for the song “These Days.” As per J-14 reports, their relationship timeline indicates that they began dating in April 2019, which coincided with Julia’s breakup with her ex-boyfriend.

Following The Trust, they kept hanging out and were spotted enjoying lovely weekends together as well as posting adorable photos of themselves on social media. Even though they haven’t confirmed it, their public appearances and interactions on social media give the impression that they are still together.

The Trust

Where are Jake and Julie now?

Fans of The Trust are left wondering what’s going on in Jake and Julie’s relationship because the most recent episodes haven’t been released on Netflix yet. Although they maintain a cordial friendship on Instagram, details regarding their love relationship are still missing.

Fans of The Trust are talking a lot about what will happen to Jake and Julie’s friendship as they excitedly await the upcoming episode. Will their connection become stronger will they be able to move past their difficulties, or will something outside of them pull them apart?

Because it’s often difficult to distinguish between real passion and produced drama, viewers are drawn in and invested in the lives of their favorite characters. Another pair whose strained bond attracts attention is Jake Chocholous and Julie Theis from The Trust.

The Trust

What is The Trust all about?

In Netflix’s reality series The Trust, eleven strangers are given $250,000 to divide among themselves. The drawback is that they are free to donate the money or keep it for themselves.

The show demonstrates how the competitors handle greed and trust as well as how much they deserve to win, as they choose whether to cooperate or turn on one another. The object of the game is to gauge the participants’ level of mutual trust and cooperation in order to win a prize.

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