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Another stabbing murder in Khammam district..ATN News

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In Khammam district, injection killings are creating a stir. Two days ago, the incident where the husband violated the restraining order and killed him for obstructing the extra-marital relationship came to light. A married husband stabbed his wife to death.

Let’s go to details..

Bhiksham from Petanda in Khammam rural mandal works as a doctor’s assistant. As he was childless with his first wife, he married another girl named Navina who was 20 years younger than him. She gave birth to her first child. Then there was a quarrel between the wives. Navina got pregnant again. She was admitted to a private hospital for delivery. A girl was born for the second time. A fight broke out between the husband and wife over this. Tired of this, Bhiksham killed Navina by giving her an anesthetic injection on the day she gave birth. He and his relatives were worried that he died due to negligence of the hospital as if he did not know anything. The real truth was revealed when the hospital staff who were suspicious checked the CCTV footage.

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