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An interesting conversation between a Pakistani couple and American judge Frank Caprio, the video has gone viral ATN News

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During the hearing of a case, the famous American judge Frank Caprio and a couple from Pakistan had an interesting conversation, the video of which has gone viral on social media.

According to foreign media, a few days ago, Jawad Ammar, an American citizen of Pakistani origin, had to appear in Judge Frank Caprio’s court for parking wrongly.

During the hearing, the judge asked Jawad Ammar, ‘Have you got a parking ticket?’ On which Jawad said yes! It was because my wife didn’t know where to park the car, she accidentally parked the car in a forbidden place.

In response, Judge Caprio said with a smile, “Have you appeared in court today to accuse your Begum?” Later, he asked the wife of a Pakistani-American citizen to come to the dock.

During the hearing, the couple and Frank Caprio had interesting conversations about parking in a restricted area and life in Providence. Later, a fine of 65 dollars was imposed on the said couple. A citizen of Pakistani origin asked Frank Caprio for permission to take a picture, on which the honorable judge happily allowed him to take a picture. Before the photo was taken, the couple presented Judge Caprio with a Chitrali hat.

It should be remembered that the municipal judge of the American city of Providence, Frank Caprio, is popular all over the world, whose videos often go viral on social media. He is very famous for his decisions, great sense of humor and peacefulness.

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