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Americans troll European ‘lack of freedom’ and relentless returnATN News

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Staff poke. Updated September 23, 2022.

The late contestants for this week’s return are surely the answer to Americans asking why Europeans don’t embrace freedoms like their peers across the Atlantic.

and if they hope to provoke a response They definitely got it. This particularly tasty answer went viral on Reddit after it was shared by adidash_playz_yt

And in case it’s hard to read…

It’s quite shocking isn’t it?

Living in the UK we have very little freedom. I have only 5 weeks of annual leave (which I am compelled to take) and 8 public holidays.

I was oppressed to have universal health care. So I don’t have to think ‘Can I go to the hospital?’

My filthy communist employer not only gave me 3 months of sick pay (at 90% of the wages), but also because we have proper employment laws. Therefore, I cannot be fired by the will of the management.

We were so persecuted that we didn’t have to use a crosswalk to cross the road.

Please save us from this socialist nightmare!

Shot ball.

And these are just some of the things people talk about.

‘If you are concerned about the freedom to be bankrupt by disease or being forced to have children of a rapist. America is for you!’

‘Help, help, I’m being oppressed!’

‘If they really ask why we don’t have guns. Because someone shot a school and killed many children. So we totally rethink.’

‘I have come to realize that the American version of liberty is really different from the rest of the world.’
Zero 5 enabled

‘America’s many freedoms are “Let the big companies oppress the people on our behalf.”

“And with a straight face You will have to tell your students that America is so full of stars that we are the only people in the world with freedom? canada freedom Japan is free. England. France. Italy. Germany. Spain. Australia. Belgium is free! 207 sovereign states in the world, for example 180 of them are free.”

‘–Newsroom S1 E1 “We Just Decided”
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Source Reddit u/adidash_playz_yt


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