Allen County Chief Judge elected to oversee Delphi murders case

A new head judge has been appointed by the Board of Judges of Fort Wayne, Indiana’s Allen Superior Court. Over the following two years, this person will be essential in leading the court’s leadership team.

As of January 1st, Judge Frances C. Gull has been designated as the court’s head judge. This is a two-year post that she will hold.

The chief judge is responsible for several administrative and managerial duties. Among these are supervising the Board of Judges’ sessions, endorsing the court’s yearly budget, and serving as Allen County’s representative on the Judicial Conference of Indiana Board of Directors.

Judge Jennifer L. DeGroote, who began her two-year term in 2022, will be replaced by Gull.

Judge Gull said that the courts in Allen County and around Indiana are dealing with an increased volume of cases. While this creates obstacles for our everyday work, it also offers us a once-in-a-lifetime chance to change the world by helping people, saving lives, and breaking the cycles of drug misuse and criminality. Allen Superior Court is prepared to take on this problem head-on because of its unique blend of compassion, creative thinking, and unwavering dedication to following the law.

In addition to being in charge of the 2017 murder case involving the two Delphi girls, Gull was also designated by the Indiana Supreme Court as the case’s special judge.

In this case, Richard Allen is accused with two charges of murder.

Judges of superior courts appoint divisional administrative judges in addition to serving as chief judges. These judges will take office on January 1 and serve two-year terms.

    • Judge Jennifer L. DeGroote, elected to serve as Administrative Judge of the Court s Civil Division.
    • Judge Frances C. Gull, re-elected to serve as Administrative Judge of the Criminal Division. She has served as Criminal Division Administrative Judge since 2000.
    • Judge Lori K. Morgan, elected to serve as Administrative Judge of the Family Relations Division.

Sections 33-33-2-30 and 33-33-2-31 of the Indiana Code regulate the appointment and tenure of judges.

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