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After a British model accused him of cheating with Aima Baig, Qaz Ahmed made a big statement.ATN News

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Singer Aima Baig is in hot water after a British model accused her of cheating on her fiancé, actor Shahbaz Shikri, with her ex-boyfriend, Quse Ahmed.

Ahmed and Baig’s rumored relationship came to a head when Talola Mair took to Instagram and accused the Pakistani singer of having an affair with her boyfriend. Mair’s main Instagram account, which was later shut down, showed that Ahmed had cheated on her multiple times, including with Baig.

Allegations of the British model
“It’s actually Aima Baig, the girl who cheated on me,” Meir said on her Instagram story. “Ahmed is not really a very thoughtful person, but I am. So, one of the first gifts I gave him was a zippo that I had customized. It made a lot of sense to me. A few years later, when he went to Dubai to meet Aima, they were already living together, so she She flew him home. They had so much fun, you know what he bought her? A personalized Zippo,” Mair alleged.

In another story, Mair said, “This girl is well-known in Pakistan so it will attract a lot of attention,” or “one of the most famous girls in Pakistan,” Qes said, while bragging about her cheating on me.

She later showed what looked like a screenshot of her chat with Shikri. In the screenshot, the actor said that it is not easy to believe that Ahmed and Pike are not really cheating in the full sense of the word. Shikri reportedly asked for screenshots written on screenshots. “I shall be very grateful,” he wrote to Mair. “Better to know now than later.” On the other hand, “Sometimes, all we can really do is decide if we’re willing to push our own limits and trust the people we love, no matter how flawed they are.”

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