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Action taken by a major IT company for working with a competitor company ATN News

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Layoff of 300 employees

New Delhi: Indian IT giant Wipro laid off 300 employees. These employees were found moonlighting, after which they were fired. All these employees were found working for rival companies while working for Wipro, the company said. So the company is taking strict action.

Wipro Executive Chairman Rishad Premji said on Wednesday that the company is laying off 300 employees. All these employees are found moonlighting. He said these employees were working for other companies while they were with Wipro. Rishad Premji said that this is a violation of the rules and we have removed him.

While there is a difference of opinion on moonlighting, many have taken a strict stand. Earlier this month, Infosys sent a strong message to its employees asserting that dual employment or ‘moonlighting’ is not allowed and warned that any breach of contractual clauses would result in disciplinary action “which may result in termination of employment”.

Rishad Premji also said on Wednesday that while he may have faced criticism for his comments on moonlighting, he still stands by his views on the issue. Rishad Premji first raised the issue of moonlighting. People gave different reactions to this. Big companies like Wipro, Infosys in India are against moonlighting.

Wipro’s executive chairman said moonlighting is defined as doing other things in secret. He said there is no room in Wipro for anyone working for their competitor X, Y or Z. Employees working in Wipro cannot work for other companies, he clarified. This is completely against the rules and that is obvious.

Moonlighting means working for one company while working for another. Simply speaking, when a worker works for someone other than his usual job, it is called moonlighting. In the field of other jobs including the IT sector, employees work for other companies or projects with the aim of increasing their income. According to the companies, this is an integrity violation. At the same time, many people also call it ‘freelancing’.

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