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Abhidnya Bhave Instagram Post, You can take away my opportunity but not my talent… Abhidnya Bhave’s new post in discussion – marathi actress abhidnya bhave post beautiful picture in red dress ATN News

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Mumbai: Marathi cinema actress Abhidnya Bhave (Abhidnya Bhave Instagram Post) is always in the news. She is currently coming to the audience with the serial ‘Tu Taha Tashi’. Even though people were upset with the role Abhigya is portraying as Valli, the role of Abhigya is loved by the fans. Abhigya, who often portrays the character of a liar and hypocrite in serials, is very different in real life. She has always shared the ups and downs of her life with her fans.

Abhijya is active on social media. Her photos always go viral. Abhigyan recently shared a glamorous photo in a red dress on her Instagram account. Abhijna is looking very hot in these photos. But the post in which she shared these photos along with Abhigya’s photos is the most talked about.

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What is Abhigya’s post?

Abhigyan has done a photoshoot wearing a red western outfit. She is looking very beautiful in these photos. While sharing these photos, the post shared by Abhigyan has attracted more attention. She wrote in the post, ‘You can take away some of my opportunities.. I have no talent’. Fans are guessing what exactly Abhigyan wants to suggest from this post. On this post shared by Abhigyan, her fans and many artists have made different kinds of comments.

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Meanwhile, a few days ago, Abhigyan shared a photo in a swimming suit. The photos shared by her were showered with likes and comments from fans. A few days ago, Abhigya went on a trip with some of her friends. This photo was there. Fans had commented a lot on this photo taken by actress Mayuri Deshmukh.


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