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A report has been filed against Tasneem Haider at the London police stationATN News

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London: A report has been lodged against Tasneem Haider in London, the report has been lodged at Greenford Police Station.

The plot to kill Imran Khan and Arshad Sharif was hatched in the presence of Nawaz Sharif, claims Tasnim Haider

Pakistan Muslim League (N) London President Nasir Butt filed a report against Tasneem Haider at the police station.

Nasir Butt said in this regard that Tasneem Haider endangered my life by making false allegations.
The police were asked to call Tasneem Haider and investigate.

According to PML (N) London President Nasir Butt, they are not involved in any wrongdoing, so they fearlessly went to the police station and filed a report.

Investigation involved in Tasneem Haider Imran Khan attack case

Nasir Butt said the police should ask Tasneem Haider for evidence and proof of the claims made on his behalf, the person making serious allegations for the sake of cheap fame will have to bear the consequences.

It should be noted that Tasneem Haider, who calls herself the spokesperson of PML-N, claimed two days ago that the conspiracy to kill Imran Khan and Arshad Sharif was hatched in the presence of Nawaz Sharif.

If Tasnim Haider has evidence then present it in JIT, Maryam Aurangzeb

Immediately after the claim made by Tasnim Haider, many PML-G leaders including PML-N Central Spokesperson and Federal Information and Broadcasting Minister Maryam Aurangzeb and Political Secretary Maryam Nawaz expressed a clear took the position that Tasnim Haider has nothing. to do with the party.

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