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A guide to help EPC seekers obtain energy efficiency certificates in the UK.ATN News

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if you are homeowner or homeowner in the UK The law requires you to obtain an energy efficiency certificate for your property before you can sell or lease it to the public. If this is your first time hearing about an Energy efficiency certificate or EPCMany questions may be floating around in your head. Some questions may be; What is EPC? Do my assets already exist? How do I get one for my assets?

If any of these questions pop up in your head. You should know that you are an EPC seeker. In this post, we will help all EPC seekers like you answer difficult questions. And it will ultimately help you find your EPC if you had it in the first place.

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First things first,

What is EPC?

As an EPC search engine, you should know what EPC is. EPC is an acronym for Energy Efficiency Certificate. An energy efficiency certificate is a document that tells you that Energy efficiency is your asset. Because the law requires all features to be energy efficient. It is in your best interest as an EPC searcher to find your energy efficiency certificate. This is because it is the only way to prove that your property is energy efficient.

How do you find available EPCs?

If you’re an EPC seeker, there are two possibilities related to EPC issues. It could be that you already have one that you don’t know about or you don’t have an EPC for your property. If you are unsure of your EPC status, follow these simple steps.

  1. Go to the EPC registration website.

The EPC Registration Website is the authorized site for all EPC-related complaints. You can find a copy of your EPC on the EPC Registration Website.

2. Put your reference number on the website.

Once you are on the EPC registration website, enter the RRN of the EPC you want. The report reference number (RRN) is a 24 digit code that is attached to every EPC when first created.

An EPC finder who enters an EPC report reference number on the EPC registration website will automatically receive a copy of the EPC they are looking for.

If you are an EPC searcher who doesn’t know how to get the report reference number. Please contact the EPC Assessor who generated the EPC Report. You can find the contact details of the EPC Assessor by checking the EPC Report homepage.

3. Use your property address

If you did not receive a report reference number You can use your listing’s address instead. Anyone can use their property address instead of the report reference number. in this action Just select the icon on the left side of the EPC registration website that says “Retrieve the report using the property address.“. After you click the tab You’ll need to enter the property’s postal code. If there is no postal code Instead, you can use Property Road or Post City.

4. Save a copy of the EPC.

This is the last step of the EPC search. As an EPC finder you will think that this step is a no-brainer. But many other EPC search programs may forget to save a copy of the EPC report. Save a copy of the EPC report to your computer and print a copy as well. You may need it in the future.

If you are an EPC searcher and have followed the steps above, your EPC search should be a walk in the park. However, if you don’t have an EPC, you won’t find it on the EPC registration site. Your best bet is to get it. Get a new EPC for your assets.

Getting New EPCs Guide for EPC Finders

Since you don’t have an EPC, the next step is to find a new EPC.

First of all, you should check if your property requires EPC. Not all EPC search engines require EPC. Some properties do not require EPC. Some properties that do not require EPC are included.

  1. Temporary buildings built to be used for 2 years or less
  2. Churches, mosques, or other places of worship
  3. A residence designed to last 4 months.

Once you’ve verified that your property requires an EPC, the next step is to hire a qualifier. EPC assessor

Like EPC finder will have trouble finding the report reference number. You will face the stress of hiring a competent and certified EPC assessor. When you hire a certified EPC assessor 65% of your EPC issues are resolved. An EPC assessor will assess your property to see if your property is energy efficient. After the assessment, he will issue an EPC for the property.

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