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50 lakhs were given but remained..Crores were demanded..Finally a happy ending to the child abduction story..What happened?– News18 TeluguATN News

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Kidnapping mystery: There is fear of children being released in Telugu states. Not only expelled.. Children who are playing outside the house are not safe. The number of child abductors is increasing. The threat of hijackers is increasing day by day. Some sell the children while others kidnap the children and demand huge sums of money. In some places cases of child abduction are on the rise due to family feuds and grudges against parents. Due to this, the parents of the children are scared. Recently, the abduction of an 8-year-old boy in Chilakaluripetta, Palnad district created a stir. An 8-year-old boy named Rajeev Sai was abducted by unknown persons. Rajeev’s father is a grain trader in Chennai. Their family came to Chilakaluripet from Chennai for Dussehra celebrations. The assailants abducted Rajeev’s parents while they were worshiping at a temple in the town’s Thirteenth Ward. Police registered a case on the complaint of Rajeev’s parents. But the abductors called the boy’s parents in the morning and demanded a huge amount of money.

The abducted boy Rajeev Sai was abandoned by the assailants near Magunda Parvathamma guest house near Kavali in Nellore district. On the other hand, the audio recording of the kidnappers has also come out. The abductors threatened to release the child only on payment of 1 crore.. The child is still with him. She also said in the audio that the child will be shown in a video call.

Audio Call Track..According to clues found in that call..Police solved this kidnapping case strategically. Gangsters who were kidnapped in Chilakaluripetta were chased on the highway. However, fearing to be caught, the abductors abandoned the child and escaped through the service road. Police rescued the boy safely and took him to Chilakaluripetta. On investigation by the police, it was found that the abductors were from North India.

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